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[Post Game Thread] The Brooklyn Nets (11-8) defeat the Miami Heat (6-10), 98 - 85




[–]West vapianonuts24 87 指標 1小時前*

The last 3-4 minutes to end the game was superb by the nets.

They got their shots off with ease and played hard defense.

This team is gelling well!

Kyrie was the closer last game. Harden finished today.

Quite a scary team to play if they can continue to shore up their defense




[–]Thunder Rockstar408 6 指標 4小時前

The final stretch by the Nets was fantastic. Harden was being aggressive and looking to score while still distributing well. Kyrie was taking a backseat and playing as the 3rd option. KD didn't really get much of the ball because he didn't need to. Good signs for the future of the Nets.


[–]New Jersey Nets BasedGodProdigy 41 指標 1小時前

We looked amazing when Harden was engaged and running the offense. KD and Kyrie can play off of that so easily - hopefully he realized that tonight.


[–][HOU] Yao Ming Fmeson 49 指標 1小時前

Harden realizes, don't worry. He didn't just forget he can score and then was like "oh shit, I'm good at scoring?" in the 4th.

This is what you want. You want to win now or in the playoffs? Harden is practicing getting it done without hard carrying. He's developing chemistry and finding his grove.



[–]Rockets hTine3219 32 指標 1小時前

Exactly this. I read some reactionary takes about Harden looking washed lmfao.

Dudes just finding his groove and seeing what works with his new teammates. Can he put up 25 shots and drop 40? Sure. But that isn’t the point anymore



[–]6d2ndassassin 12 指標 1小時前

I really respect this take. Harden is the best point guard on the team so why wouldn’t he spend a huge part of the game facilitating? Also if you’re the best point guard on the team and the people you’re passing to are joe Harris kyrie Irving and KEVIN DURANT I mean why would you fault the man? Happy to see him playing team ball without having to put the whole offense on his back


[–]Rockets hTine3219 15 指標 3小時前

Exactly. The Nets don’t need 40 ppg hard-carry Harden.

They need facilitator Harden who gets timely buckets and can take over when needed. Now obviously he needs to put up shots if one of the other big 3 is out (first two games as a Net) but other than that he doesn’t need to do what he used to do for us when he was the whole offense



[–][BRK]Brook Lopez dgarrad 10 指標 4小時前

The people saying Harden needs to be the ball handler and facilitator, might be the easiest way to find out who watches games and who just wants to hate either Kyrie or this team. Either way thank god he took over considering the rough game both Ky and KD were having.  Great win to build on going forward despite how ugly it was. Also I don't know what Bam is even anymore this dude is LMA, Bosh, AL Horford, and like Roy Hibbert wrapped into one weird ass amazing player.




[–]Heat sijaz321 149 指標 1小時前

Not our fault the Nets have James Harden.


[–]Warriors AndItsNotCloseNephew 72 指標 1小時前

It is your fault that you missed 60 3's over the last 2 games though


[–]chais2cool [分數隱藏] 21 分鐘前

Maybe it was cause of Nets perimeter defense haha


[–]Nets Expulsure 188 指標 1小時前

That was the best defense we have played since the trade by a wide margin, and also the worst we played offensively since the trade by a wide margin. Also, JAMES HARDEN DID JAMES HARDEN THINGS IN THE 4TH.


[–]Jazz fake__username 2 指標 4小時前

Seriously aside from occasionally hitting random 3 , whatelse Robinson is good at?

Hes frustrating to watch, everytime someone steal the ball from him, he just gone shock and watch the worlds burn



[–]Heat DionWaiteress 52 指標 1小時前

We just aren’t good at all offensively without Butler and Herro they both do so much for our offense


[–]Nets Bigbadbuck 30 指標 1小時前

while true you guys did better against us last game. so there was some improvement. That being said if bam could please stop hitting fadeaway 3s at the buzzer thatd be grea.


[–]Heat DionWaiteress 25 指標 1小時前

Duncan went 1/10 from three that literally never happens


[–][BRK] Brook Lopez dgarrad 11 指標 1小時前

He took some very questionable shots this game too I thought. Rough night overall.


[–]HeatDionWaiteress 10 指標 1小時前

He honestly usually makes those


[–]Will1044 [分數隱藏] 28 分鐘前

KD going 3-12 from 3 and 6-21 also almost never happens though. Especially this season. He literally missed 4 wide open 3s and blew three drives to the rim.


[–]Rockets TheLordOfTheKappas 14 指標 1小時前

honestly it would have been a great game for nets if KD wasn't so off today which is very unlike him.



[–]bryanashley25 48 指標 1小時前

Nets are good when harden doesnt try to be a role player


[–]Lakers Izrezar 1 指標 49 分鐘前

Who would have thought, the secret to success is for stars to play like stars


[–]Rockets aboooz 31 指標 1小時前

That James Harden 4th quarter takeover was so beautiful to watch.


[–]Rockets NFL_Vikings [分數隱藏] 22 分鐘前

I wish he fucking took over on offense more. Let him run the offense for the minutes KD isn’t on the court. I’m tired of him playing like a true point guard and not an offensive hokage


[–]Nets bronxbombers2 16 指標 1小時前

I appreciate him trying to get his new teammates in a groove but man I don’t need to see him passing up a 3 for a pass to Luwawu-Cabarrot in the corner.


[–]Trail Blazers ShadyIntentions 18 指標 1小時前

This was a terrible game holy shit. Pretty much everyone played poorly except Bam, Dragic and Harden. Harden needs to shoot more on this team, I know he's trying to be unselfish but a tough shot by him is way better than an open shot by TLC or some of these other bums on the nets bench


[–]FatHeeb 17 指標 4小時前

An open TLC or Jeff Green 3 is a good shot


[–]Trail Blazers ShadyIntentions 11 指標 4小時前

An open Jeff Green shot - sure. He's making like 50% of his 3's so far this year. But for TLC, every good game he has is offset by 3 or 4 bad games in a row. I think they should try shamet again, or make a move to replace TLC because I can almost guarantee he won't be in the playoff rotation


[–]Rocketstalknojutsu312 4 指標 1小時前

Some heat fans really didn’t wanna trade Herro for Harden


[–]Lakers davensdad 0 指標 1小時前

I can at least try to understand why a team would refuse to trade a young All-NBA star for Harden (Ben Simmons). But Herro has literally achieved nothing and yet Heat fans didn't want to include him in the offer.



[–][DAL] Wang Zhizhi suzukigun4life 25 指標 4小時前*

The Heat scored 14 points in the 4th, scored 5 points in the final 6:31 and made 2 field goals in the final 9:30. They shot 3/16 from the floor and 1/9 from 3 for the quarter in the final frame. Just a complete meltdown offensively.


[–]Heat PMMeUrBleedingPussy[S] 16 指標 4小時前

That's what happens when Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic are the only ones who can score for the Heat.


[–]Heat OutofYogurt 7 指標 4小時前

I'm so disappointed in our depth right now. I know we are missing key players, but the other guys have not stepped up at all. They have been horrible.


[–]Jazz fake__username 3 指標 4小時前

Bam doing it all from defense to offense.. tje Heat has no other option offense if DRob, Dragic and Nunn are not hitting any. Im dissapointed more on DRob, his 3 where hes only good at and cant hit any.. his defense was aweful, he just always stand and watching with no hustles. Nunn was playing like MJ who attack 2 players bigger than him.. what a dissapointing season overall


[–]Heat DionWaiteress 59 指標 1小時前

We need Jimmy Herro and Bradley back right now or our seasons over


[–]Bucks InexorableWaffle 8 指標 1小時前

You definitely need them back sometime soon-ish for sure, but it's nowhere near that dire yet, even with the slightly abbreviated season. Despite today's loss, you're still only like 2 games behind 6th seed with a pretty favorable stretch in your schedule coming up after the next couple games. Still plenty of schedule left to play, especially when you've got one of the best HCs in the business.


[–]NBAiRockaflame 6 指標 1小時前

Jimmy provides crazy good spacing with his driving hes missed for sure


[–]Heat Shiny_metal_ass 11 指標 1小時前

And getting to the line 10 times a game. That was important for us last year


[–][HOU] Yao Ming keenan-kun 3 指標 4小時前

Bam looking like Dirk this season lol it's been crazy


[–]Nets Bigbadbuck 4 指標 1小時前

i feel like these games are a good opportunity for him to practice being more of a go to scorer and he did extremely well against us. You can see the big time scoring potential. That huge block he had and then he ran the floor for a putback was nasty.







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